Welcome to the second

Armenian Workshop on Graphs, Combinatorics, Probability,

and their application to machine learning

Armenia, July 3 - 9, 2022

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Workshop on Graphs. Combinatorics. Probability.

and their application to machine learning

The week-long workshop will have few if any talks, its purpose being collaboration. However, at the start of the workshop all participants will be invited to give a 10 minute talk introducing a problem.

The opening session of the workshop will take place at 5pm on Sunday July 3rd, and the last session will be in the morning of July 9th.



Jul 3-9







We thank our sponsor Siemens for supporting the local workshop participants, as well as our partners Dar Foundation, Apaga Resort, YerevanN, and gg Taxi for their generosity.

Confirmed Attendees

  1. Alexey Pokrosvkiy — Lecturer University College London (UK)

  2. Andrey Kupavskii — Chargé de recherche, CNRS (France) and MIPT (Russia)

  3. Antonio Girau — Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oxford (UK)

  4. Anita Liebenau — Senior Lecturer, UNSW (Australia)

  5. Aram Bughdaryan — Undergraduate Student, Yerevan State University (Armenia)

  6. Bryce Frederickson — PhD Student, Emory University (USA)

  7. Candida Bowtell — Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Warwick (UK)

  8. Erik Arakelyan — PhD Student, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

  9. Gal Kronenberg — Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oxford (UK)

  10. Gevorg Hunanyan — Undergraduate Student, Yerevan State University (Armenia)

  11. Hayk Grigoryan — Staff Engineer, Siemens (Armenia)

  12. Jon Noel — Assistant Professor, University of Victoria (Canada)

  13. Jozsef Balogh — Professor, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (USA)

  14. Jozsef Skokan — Professor, London School of Economics (UK)

  15. Julia Boettcher — Professor, London School of Economics (UK)

  16. Liana Hambardzumyan — PhD Student, McGill University (Canada)

  17. Liana Yepremyan — Assistant Professor, Emory University (USA)

  18. Mathew Jenssen — Lecturer, University of Birmingham (UK)

  19. Perouz Taslakian — Senior Research Scientist, Samsung AI Center (Canada)

  20. Peter Allen — Professor, London School of Economics (UK)

  21. Petros Petrosyan — Associate Professor, Yerevan State University (Armenia)

  22. Richard Montgomery — Associate Professor, University of Warwick (UK)

  23. Samvel Andreasyan — Undergraduate Student, Yerevan State University (Armenia)

  24. Shoham Letzter — Lecturer University College London (UK)

  25. Xizhi Liu — Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Warwick (UK)

Travel to Armenia


Arrival and Registration

We expect that participants arrive in Yerevan by July 3rd. At 12:30pm on Sunday (Jul 3rd), we will gather in front of the Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan on Republic Square, and take the shuttle to Abaga Resort. On the way to the resort, we will stop for lunch at Tsaghkunk Restaurant and Glkhatun near Sevan lake (around 1:30pm-2pm), then continue to our destination (arriving around around 5:30-6pm). After checking in and resting a bit, we will conclude the first day with a welcome dinner. Talks and open problem sessions start at 9am the next day.

There is a registration fee of 65000 AMD. Please make sure to have cash with you on the first day (there will be no ATMs near the hotel - although you can pay your bills by credit card). The registration fee covers the costs transportation to the hotel and back (you pay on your own if you are not going on the regular transportation), coffee breaks, reception, hiking guide fee and the first day lunch drinks (the lunch food is generously provided to us by Dar Foundation).

The last session of the workshop will take place on the morning of July 9th.


Touristic Information

For touristic information about Armenia check this out.

How to get cash: There are many ATMs around the city which usually don't charge fees, or at most 2$ (1000dram) but your bank might charge you. If you have other currency and want to exchange to AMD, the best rate usually is at SAS supermarket (any location).

How to get around: The centre is very walkable. The metro is the most reliable but doesn't reach many places; it costs 100 drams (25cents) and runs every 6 minutes. There are minivans and buses you can use (commonly called "marshutka"), but you need to ask the bus driver if they get to the location you want (it is written only in Armenian). For taxis (which are cheap here) we use applications - such as gg taxi, whose application can be downloaded on the phone. Try to use these app instead of grabbing taxis on the street to get reliable prices.

What to see: Cascade, Opera house, Republic square; these are the most popular points, walk on Saryan street, Abovyan street (Dalan restaurant and cafe has also nice souvenir shop), see the Vernissage market (open every day but bigger on weekends, you can find souvenirs, silver jewellery, art, etc.).

Where to eat: Eastern Armenian food - Lavash, Sherep, Ktoor, Pandok Yerevan, Western Armenian food - Mayrig, Rehan, Anteb (this is more like Syrian or Lebanese food, if you go to these places try Mantee or Mantee soup). If you fancy something non - Armenian , the best place to go is Wine republic, it has Thai and Italian food. If you want something quick, try newly opened Hummus Kimchi.

Coffee Shops: Lumen coffee shop, Afrolab, Vochluys_Vochmut (a little garage-cafe on Saryan 16 address). The Green bean cascade is a very friendly, nice place but doesn't have the best coffee though has good teas and lemonades. Mirzoyan library cafe is a beautiful space, not the best coffee but peaceful for work or rest.

Wine and Drinks: Minas bar, Afrolab, Simona, Rosa (for cocktails), In Vino, Wine Republic, Tapastan (for wine).


Armenia in bullet-points

  • Part of the former Soviet Union
  • Capital is Yerevan
  • Currency is Dram (AMD)
  • Alphabet looks like Ա Բ Գ Դ Ե Զ Է Ը Թ
  • Loc

    Conference Location

    The conference will take place in the town of Yenokavan, about two hours away from Yerevan.

    We will spend the week at Apaga Resort, which has common spaces where we can work.


    Hotel Pricing

    Coming soon!


    Getting to the hotel

    We will provide shuttle services to go from the center of Yerevan to the hotel on July 3rd (details about time and location coming soon). On the last day of the workshop, we will also organize a shuttle service back to Yerevan. Anyone wishing to go from the airport straight to the hotel should let us know by email (or by filling up the spreadsheet that was sent out to your emails).

    Flying into Yerevan

    The Zvartnots International Airport (code: EVN) is a 15-minute taxi ride to the center of town, and is an easy airport to get to. The major airlines with direct flights to Yerevan include

  • Air France from Paris
  • SN Brussels from Brussels
  • KLM from Amsterdam
  • Austrian Airlines from Vienna
  • Wizz Air from Vienna
  • Aegean Airlines from Athens
  • Eurowings from Cologne-Bonn
  • Aeroflot from Moscow
  • LOT Polish Airlines from Warsaw
  • Qatar Airways from Doha
  • Visa

    Do you need a visa?

    Citizens of most Western countries do not need a visa to enter Armenia, or can obtain a visa upon arrival.

    For example, citizens of the following countries do not need entry visas: USA, UK, France, Australia. See the full list here or use the this online tool.

    Check the website of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information.

    If you find that you need a visa, in most cases you can either obtain one upon arrival, or are eligible to apply for an e-visa online. Please note that the former case may be applicable only at the Zvartnots International Airport (and not at land crossings), so check before assuming otherwise.

    Also remember: if you decide to fly into Georgia first and cross the Armenia border by land, make sure you have the proper documents to enter Georgia as well.


    Hiking Information

    Wednesday July 6th

    On July 6th we will go on a hiking trip in the area. Participants will have the option to choose between one or both available hiking options:

    1. Lastiver Cave is a relatively easy 7km hike, expected to take about 3 hours (both directions).
    3. Okunavank is a monastery hidden behind Lastiver. Its trail (~14km) goes through dense forests of Ijevan, through deep and breathtaking gorges and ends at Okonavank monastery. The hike is expected to take about 5 hours (both directions).

    Contact the Organizers

    Dhruv Mubayi


    Perouz Taslakian


    Liana Yepremyan